Praise For The Success Formula

"This is the Wisdom of the Ages boiled down into three simple principles. Use the time-proven information Burg provides and watch your success soar!"

Paul J. Meyer
Founder, Success Motivation Institute, Inc:
Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul, The 5 Pillars of Leadership

"The greatest and most powerful truths are simple and direct -- like these -- but they can change your life"

Brian Tracy
Success Is A Journey

"Congratulations, Bob, you did it! Concise, inspirational, and true. I love it."

Bob Proctor
Chairman, LifeSuccess Productions

"A terrific job ... A winner that will impact many lives"

Pat Williams, Sr.
Vice President, Orlando Magic

"For centuries, the ability to take the complicated and make it simple has been the hallmark of master teachers. And that's what Bob Burg has done here: he has given you the keys to untie the Gordian knots in your life"

Bob Rathbun
Television Voice:
Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Braves

"A great little book filled with big ideas!The Success Formula is so complete; thank you for sharing your gifts with the world "

Heidi Richards
The Woman's Career Compass

"The Success Formula is a brilliant little piece -- easy to read, practical and a simple but powerful message"

Richard K. Biggs
Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

"I loved it! Short, sweet and very powerful... perfect for busy people!"

Mike ("Motivated Mike") Lemire
CEO and Founder

"The best messages are often revealed in the most simple and straightforward way. Anyone who applies these three principles in all they do will find they are more successful in any endeavor"

Jeff C. West
AFLAC Regional Sales Coordinator

"Short, simple and powerful message"

Steven Yager
Senior VP, Global Operations
InterNET Services Corp.

"Wow...dynamite -- a winner! It cuts to the core, helps build forward movement, and so easy to use! I'm going to order copies for my customers, friends and family."

Tom Graceffo
State Farm Insurance

"Excellent: simple and powerful!"

Mike Melia
Platinum Executive Director
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc

"Give a copy of The Success Formula to everyone on your team -- and watch your income grow!"

Micheal S. Clouse
The Fifth Principle

"The Success Formula is great! I plan to include copies in my new distributor starter kits and welcome packets. Small and handy -- with impact: you can't beat that!"

Lisa Wilber
Senior Executive until Leader, Avon
President, "The Winner In You"

"The Success Formula is both simple and profound... pure genius ... it couches within itself the most important principles of success shared by the greatest teachers who ever walked the earth. Anyone who wants to change life from mediocrity to magical has but to read, with heart and head, what you've so brilliantly explained. The Success Formula needs to get into the hands -- and hearts -- of all the billions of us who share this planet"

John Harricharan
Morning Has Been All Night Coming

"There are only a few times in a persons life that someone, and something, walk in and entirely change everything. You... and your guide... have done that for me. Without a doubt, The Success Formula is the most concise, compelling and utterly incredible guide I have ever read. In 28 short pages you have detailed the exact blueprint to achieving person and financial success. For those out there looking for a magic bullet, or formula to lead you to your dream life... this is it. I have read your formula probably 11 times now and take something new out of it every time. Principle #3 is my favorite and the one I live my life by. And I must say, since first being introduced to you a few months ago and reading your booklet - my life has changed dramatically! Thank you so much Bob... for everything!"

Troy D. White
Vancouver, British Columbia

"I received my 'Success Formula' booklets and think they're terrific! I'm a project manager for a Web development team and plan to give them to all my team members as Christmas gifts. They're so simple and true, I think they'll be very much appreciated. Keep up the good work."

Lori L. Peterson
Internet Development

"Bob makes it so simple: here are the rules, follow them, succeed. Of course, making the complex simple is nothing new for Bob; his book Winning Without Intimidation has made a huge difference in my life for years."

Shel Horowitz
Author, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First

"This is a very powerful little booklet, Bob! You know what they say, 'Dynamite comes in small packages!' I plan to order them for my team to give out when we all meet at the company kickoff in Salt Lake City in January!"

Sue Seward
Internet Home-based Business

"The booklet is AWESOME! I've read it three times already - it's on my 'to carry' list. That means if I'm stuck in a line or waiting in a doctor's office, I always try to keep something on hand to read. It's so basic and so valuable - I love it! More power to ya!"

Yitz Weiss
Certified Public Accountant
Passaic Valley Water Commission

"Bob Burg is a turbo-charged speaker and sales dynamo and if his Success Formula doesn't fire you up - you're dead!"

Randy Gilbert, Host
Certified Public Accountant The Inside Success Show

"This was perfect -- exactly what I needed to read today... Not so much information that it distracted me from my focus or gave me a "big pile of undoableness", but instead just shifted my thinking about my current situation. It's amazing that such a simple formula and fifteen minutes could have such a big impact. I feel totally re-energized -- thank you!"

Scott Allen
Online Business Networks

"A very practical, effective approach to achieving one of the most elusive human challenges."

Ernest Gremillion
Training Director
The GEO Group, Inc.

"I just want to take a minute to thank you for the words of wisdom in 'The Success Formula.' I originally ordered 100 of them and included one in the pay envelope of my 42 employees. I also sent a copy to my customers with a note thanking them for their business, and of course I indicated that since they're so successful they must know the success principals backwards and forwards. I received very good feedback from all.

I then ordered some more to pass out to the younger generation. I gave them to my granddaughters volleyball team and her coach. I also gave them to my nephews and some neighborhood 8th graders. To all the youngsters I told them to read it, pass it on to their parents to read, and then put it away for future reference.

'The Success Formula' can touch the lives of youngsters in so many aspects of their lives including sports, grades, vocation, school choice, etc. I encouraged them to take it out and re- read it often, just as I do."

Leigh Coburn
President, Swat Corp

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